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Dharma Talks
No Title Lecturer File Time
T038Y Love Of Life Ven. Wu Ling 02:35:09
T038Z Thy Way Of Clarity Patrick Kearney's 10:56:47
T039B 108 Talks Luang Por Sumedho 29:07:24
T040Y Awaken to the Buddha within Shi Wuling 04:10:43
T041W Dependent Origination (見緣起即見法) Prof. G.A. Somaratane 02:06:44
T0AA2 Three Point Purpose Of Human Life(人生三法印) K. Sri Dhammananda 01:21:06
T012J The Developing Of Meditation Samadhi Bhavana 00:30:57
T012N How To Find Guru And Be Student Dzongasr Khyentse Rinpoche Sydney 07:45:48
T0345 What Is Karma? (業-是什麼?) K. Sri Dhammananda 01:26:22
T0346 Buddhist Concept Of Heaven And Hell (佛教對天堂和地獄的觀點) K. Sri Dhammananda 00:51:09
T0347 Buddhism And Other Religions (佛教與其它宗教) K. Sri Dhammananda 01:30:17
T0348 What Is Buddhism? (什麼是佛教?) K. Sri Dhammananda 01:29:45
T0349 The Origin Of The World (世界的起源) K. Sri Dhammananda 01:33:30
T0350 The Origin Of Life.(生命的起源.) K. Sri Dhammananda 01:33:40
T0351 Religion Of Freedom (自在的宗教) K. Sri Dhammananda 01:31:10
T0352 How To Practice Buddhism? (如何實踐佛法) K. Sri Dhammananda 01:22:44
T0353 Is There Any Purpose In This Life? (人生有何目的?) K. Sri Dhammananda 01:03:12
T0354 Human Problems.(人類的問題.) K. Sri Dhammananda 01:00:08
T0355 The Coming Of The Next Buddha (下一尊佛的降生) K. Sri Dhammananda 01:16:24
T0356 Flower Of Mankind (人中之花) K. Sri Dhammananda 01:00:37
T0357 Kamma And Rebirth (業與輪迴) K. Sri Dhammananda 01:01:38
T0358 Buddhist Attitude Towards Women (佛教對女眾的態度) K. Sri Dhammananda 00:59:09
T0359 Moderen Challenge To Buddhism (佛教所面臨的現代挑戰) K. Sri Dhammananda 01:33:11
T0360 Is It Wrong To Be Ambitious? (企圖心是錯誤的嗎?) K. Sri Dhammananda 01:00:01
T0361 Why Buddhism? (為什麼要學佛?) K. Sri Dhammananda 00:58:35
T0362 What Is Nibbana? (什麼是涅槃?) K. Sri Dhammananda 01:01:39
T0363 Why Meditation? (為什麼要靜坐?) K. Sri Dhammananda 01:30:59
T0364 Are Buddhists Idol Worshipers? (佛教徒是偶像崇拜者嗎?) K. Sri Dhammananda 00:59:48
T0365 Meaning Of Buddhist Symbols. (佛教象徵的意義.) K. Sri Dhammananda 00:58:15
T0366 Buddha,God And Reality. (佛陀.神和真理) Sangharakshi 00:58:42
T0367 The Search For Ultimate truth. (究竟真理的追尋) Ven. Mahinda 00:58:21
T0368 Can One Attain Nibbana In This Life? (人是否能當生證得涅槃) Aleks Robofs 01:27:06
T0461 佛教徒的日常生活 Ven. Dr. M. Vajiagnana 01:54:53
T0471 為什麼要修學佛法? K. Sri Dhammananda 02:33:13
T0556 Why We Do Practice Buddhism ? K. Sri Dhammananda 01:11:04
T0557 Buddhist's Daily Life Vajiagnana 01:07:21
T0558 Living Buddhism I Namo Amita Bhg 01:29:36
T0559 A Path To true Happiness Ven. Master Chin Kung 00:53:33
T0560 To Understand Buddha`S Teaching Ven. Master Chin Kung 06:43:21
T0561 Talk Given At The 1993 Seven-Day Buddha Recitation Session In Dallas,Texas Ven. Master Chin Kung 05:19:36
T0592 What Is Buddhism? (佛教是什麼) 阿南達 瑪諦亞 01:03:43
T0615 Abhidhamma-I (阿毗達磨-我) 阿南達 瑪諦亞 01:03:54
T0616 Questions And Answers On Bnddhism (佛學問答) 阿南達 瑪諦亞 01:32:56
T0682 Liao-Fan's Four Lessones Changing Destiny (修福積德造命法) Ven. Master Chin Kung 22:37:17
T0663 Meditation (靜坐) Ven.Bhikkhu Sunanda 00:59:15
T0664 Theravada And Mahayana (南傳佛法與大乘佛法) Ven.Bhikkhu Sunanda 00:43:58
T0635 Wheel Of Life (生命之輪) Dharmachari 01:39:01
T0712 五方佛與個人修持five Buddhas Mandala 世友先生 01:55:39
T0717 The Buddha Bhikkhu Bodhi 01:25:01
T0718 The Four Noble truths Bhikkhu Bodhi 01:24:01
T0719 The true Nature Of Existence Bhikkhu Bodhi 01:20:32
T0720 Dependent Arising Bhikkhu Bodhi 01:19:09
T0721 Rebirth And Kamma Bhikkhu Bodhi 01:25:14
T0722 Nibbana Bhikkhu Bodhi 01:19:23
T0723 The Noble Eightfold Path Bhikkhu Bodhi 01:21:32
T0724 Meditation Bhikkhu Bodhi 01:24:47
T0725 The Social Teachings Of The Buddha Bhikkhu Bodhi 01:10:43
T0726 The Sangha Bhikkhu Bodhi 01:23:15
T0737 Four Ordinary Foundations(Winter) Chukwang Ripoche 01:34:49
T0738 Taking Refuge From Buddha , Dharma And Sangha Chukwang Ripoche 01:44:30
T0739 Intenion For Altrism Chukwang Ripoche 01:33:11
T0740 Accumulate Merit Through Offering Chukwang Ripoche 01:51:08
T0741 The Practice Of Purification Chukwang Ripoche 01:41:02
T0742 Seven Branchs Prayer Chukwang Ripoche 02:06:29
T0743 Guru Yoga Practice Chukwang Ripoche 01:57:32
T0744 The transference Of Conciousness-Powa Practice Chukwang Ripoche 03:18:51
TI000390 Wisdom Of The Buddhas Wu Ling 01:01:03
TI000391 Destiny Can Be Changed Wu Ling  
TI001023 金剛經選講 (中英雙語) ( 凡聖迷悟示意圖 ) 成觀法師 12:23:49